Make rescheduling function available via Python

Hello. Having an option to reschedule FSRS via add-ons/debug scripts would be very useful. Right now I have to rely on FSRS helper add-on that uses its own implementation. Ideally, one function to reschedule per preset, and one to reschedule everything at once.

The FSRS4Anki Helper add-on has implemented it.

Right, but it wouldn’t be needed if the already made functionality in Anki was available via Python. You could also use it to simplify the add-on (why duplicate the work). Rescheduling using Rust should be faster as well.

I think the API of compute_memory_state is enough. We can customize the rescheduling, such as load balance, easy days and so on.

It is already accessible from Python - col.decks.update_deck_configs()

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