New reviews after finishing deck (FSRS4)


Multiple times now I’ve finished my reviews, synced, and a few seconds later I all of a sudden have new cards due. When I finished the deck it was saying that I am DONE, not that there will be new cards in x minutes.
This has only happened after switching to FSRS4.
Any idea what’s happening?


Do you have FSRS4Anki helper add-on with those options enabled? “Auto reschedule cards reviewed on other devices after sync” and “Auto disperse siblings”.
I’ve noticed that sometimes “Auto disperse siblings” is putting the sibling of the card I’ve reviewed today as due today - even if it was due in the future before dispersing. That is the reason I stopped using this option.

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I think you’re exactly right. If you want to follow up there’s a similar discussion on reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything

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