Reschedule Cards on Change

Reschedule cards on change

Affects the entire collection, and is not saved.

This option controls whether the due dates of cards will be changed when you enable FSRS, or optimize the parameters. The default is not to reschedule cards: future reviews will use the new scheduling, but there will be no immediate change to your workload. If rescheduling is enabled, the due dates of cards will be changed.

When I do this, my cards due tomorrow are still 203. Is this normal?

You need to click “Save” when exiting the deck option window.

I did

Have you changed either parameters or desired retention? I know this sounds obvious, but this feature only works if you change parameters and/or desired retention.

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Yeah, I followed the guide on Github.

I set my retention to 0.85, same as my SM2 retention.

Hm, idk then. @L.M.Sherlock help would be appreciated

A single number couldn’t help us check whether the reschedule cards on change worked. I recommend comparing the Due graph.


Yeah, I compared the due graph. Before and after hitting save was exactly the same.

I just kept optimizing and hitting save several times. Nothing changed.

I don’t know what happened, but eventually after doing it a couple more times it went from 0 due, to around 400 due.

But, when I checked the due graph, it said only 11 due today.

I just reverted back to my backup and decided to leave the cards with their old SM2 due dates.

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