Will exporting cards from one deck and then importing them into another but with front and back reversed in any way affect the original deck?

I have a vocabulary deck in which the front ‘sides’ of the cards have German words/sentences and the back sides contain their English equivalents. The deck has two other ‘sides’ that, for some cards, contain the pronunciation and/or notes.

I am trying to create a second deck where the German and English sides are reversed, i.e. where the English is in the front side and the German is in the back side.

I exported the cards from the original deck in *.txt. I created an empty deck (the new deck). And now I want to import the cards into the new deck.

Will importing them with the settings shown in the picture (Ignore lines where first field matches existing note) in anyway affect the cards from the original deck (scheduling, progress made, …)? I’m asking because I came across a reddit post where some people say it does while others say it doesn’t.

Thank you.

That’s a round-about way to create reverse cards - please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnbKwHEQ1mA&yt:cc=on

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I actually watched the video before but my Anki (⁨2.1.38) looks different. There’s no plus button to add a new card. There’s no such option under the Options button either. I tried Options > Add Card Type... (which I’m not sure how it’s different to adding cards or how they differ from note types) but I got a warning saying Anki was going to create about 1000 cards, i.e. for all the decks in the parent deck rather than for just the subdeck the original card is in (which is what I’m trying to do).

This is why I thought I’d create the reverse cards the way I asked in the original post above if it indeed doesn’t affect the cards from the original subdecks. I only need to do this for a few decks because I’ve begun creating reverse cards as I go along.

Thank you for making, maintaining, and keeping Anki free. Really appreciate it.

Add Card Type is correct - if you want to only add the reverse cards to a subsection of that note type, you’ll need to select the notes you’re interested in the Browse screen first, and use the Change Note Type menu item to assign them to a different note type - like the default “Basic (and reversed)” one.

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