Where to find old decks


Basically I have had anki for the past two years and the past couple of months from 2023 June onwards I have just noticed I deleted really important cards which I can’t seem to find. I tried to find my backups for around that but I only have backups from November which I am confused as I have had anki for years. Please can someone give me suggestions

Anki automatic backups are removed based on the schedule you set in Tools > Preferences.

But if you moved from one install to another, or one profile to another, you may have left older backups behind. In addition to checking on an old computer or in an old profile folder – Managing Files - Anki Manual – have you checked any other devices you sync with? Those keep automatic backups as well.

And if just the field contents of the notes would be enough to help, you can check the Deletion Log as well – Backups - Anki Manual .

In addition to what Danika has said above, weekly/monthly backups were introduced in a previous update, so if you were using an older Anki version in the past, you may not have them.

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