Where is new beta?

It’s been a while since a new beta. Wondering if we can get the FSRS parameter fix in so we don’t accidentally make the optimization worse when re-optimizing.


The fix for that was merged in only a few days ago, and we’re still waiting on a Qt update, among a few other things.



Also @dae I have noticed a lot of video driver problems across openGL and DirectX when doing the AnKing deck. I thought it may occur due to some addons but it still happened when I turned them off. What happens is the card will get stuck when you click the answer/flip button. Most of the times it just freezes or shows a blank card. I noticed toggling the scroll wheel sometimes will fix it, but most times it’s just stuck.

Is this a known issue among others? I have an RTX 4090 so I dont think its a GPU issue?


Unfortunately, what works well for some people doesn’t for others, and vice versa.