Sporadic freezing when revealing card with image

Version ⁨23.10 (51a10f09)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.3 PyQt 6.5.3
Windows 11 (Direct3D)

When revealing the answer of a card with image(s), it sometimes freezes for 2-3 seconds before the answer show up. This does not happen on 2.1.65

Have you tried changing the video driver from the preferences?

Thanks, I will try that. Also, are there any recommendations to determine which one to use or just trial and error? (I am using NVIDIA RTX3070)

I guess you have to test the different options. I have no issues so far with a RTX card using Direct3D.

If neither Vulkan nor OpenGL works, software should work just fine, but it might be slower: Display Issues - Anki Manual


For anyone reading this in the future, I speculate that the cause might be the high refresh rate screen (mine is 165 Hz) or G-sync. This problem may relate to Chromium used in Anki.

P.S. OpenGL works fine but slower.

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I started noticing the problem more this month (also with a screen with 165 Hz refresh rate & RTX card)

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