Graphical glitches on desktop version

EDIT: The glitches are gone when I turn hardware-accellerated GPU scheduling OFF

These glitches are triggered when I move my cursor around. I have it on footage, but the forum won’t let me link it. Besides the annoying graphical mayhem, it also affects its functionality: Sometimes buttons don’t work, and when reviewing cards, whenever I press “show answer”, it shows me the back of the previous card. It corrects itself when I highlight any piece of text on the screen.

OS: Windows 11
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H
GPU: RTX 3060 Laptop
Anki 23.12.1 Qt6

I’m clueless on what might have triggered it, as I can’t associate the onset of these glitches with any specific update. All my drivers are up to date. Not even reinstalling Windows fixed it. Playing with “Preferences > Video driver” didn’t fix the issue, as the only option where the visual glitches are (seemingly) gone is “Software”, but this one runs VERY laggy. “Vulkan” is the worst so far in terms of triggering the visual bugs.

I’ve already tried to start Anki in its “safe mode” (by holding shift), to no avail. Any clue?

I could find 2 other users reporting the same bugs, but changing the video API did the trick for one of them.

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