Problems with Windows 11?

Hey guys, I have a problem and am looking for help.
So i got a new computer which came with windows 11. I installed the newest version of Anki from the homepage and first it worked fine. But after a while my display started glitching all over the place when using it. I suppose it is a problem related to Anki because it only occurs when i have the Anki window opened. I tried a different (also older) version and installing it from a different page. Nothing worked. Now i have the qt6 version of the newest version installed and it won´t even open Anki anymore.
I don´t know what is going on and i don´t know what i can do. My only idea was, that it may have problems with windows 11…?
I am happy for every tip and share of experience! :slight_smile:

I assume, by your description, that you are not using any add-ons when testing Anki, right?

Thanks for your fast reply!
I had installed 3 add-ons: the review heatmap, the editor for clozed fields and image occlusion.
Does this make a difference?

I don’t think so, but who knows? Add-ons are developed by third parties, and have virtually no limitation on how they can modify Anki’s behavior. If you have an issue, the first step is to rule out add-ons. To do so, hold Shift while start Anki, and try to reproduce the bug.

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I use Windows 11 too and Anki works fine. Try to change Video driver in Anki preferences.

I think it has nothing to do with the add ons, i tried your way and nothing happended. And i tried to uninstall the add ons and even when all were uninstalled the problem still occured :frowning:

Thanks for your reply! I tried this and the glitching still occured with every one of the options, but i think it was worst for ANGLE. When i set it to software and tried to start Anki again i got this error:

then i realized i had no driver installed, installed the latest driver that is available for windows 11 and tried again but nothing changed. I also checked for these files (libEGL.dll etc.), and nothing is wrong with that as well.

So now i am really lost. Is it a problem with the driver? Maybe you could tell me which kind of driver you use? Or maybe do you have any other idea? Can i install an older version or something? I really need Anki for my studies arghh

You can also try setting user interface size to 100% if it isn’t already

It is already. The weird thing is, it doesn´t glitch when i open Anki, it just starts glitching when I have the mask open to create new cards. After your comment I also tried, what happens when i max the mask for new cards to full screen and under this conditions it doesn´t glitch. Do you have any idea why the glitching will only occur when the mask covers only part screen?
And btw thanks for your time and effort!!