2.1.49 is buggy on Windows 11

I have upgraded my PC to windows 11 and anki 2.1.49 is not working properly as follows:

  1. Cards do not display its details and functions properly
  2. Buttons do not function properly, i.e.,
  • study now button doesn’t bring up cards
  • sometimes, no card changes when difficulty buttons clicked
  • next card audio is activated but the card remains the old one after pressing difficulty buttons
  • card text and image won’t show after pressing difficulty buttons
  1. Each card do not have “Edit” button, must go to browse to edit

Anyone has the same problems?

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

The edit button should appear if you make your window a bit wider.

Thank you. Edit button works!
But the app is still buggy and doesn’t function properly. Do you have the same problem on Windows 11?

No, it works fine for me. If you’ve already ruled out add-ons as the cause, you may find changing your video driver helps. Display Issues - Anki Manual

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Thank you @dae
Your solutions worked!