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When reviewing newly formed cards, the question is not showing but rather the text at the back (I use cloze)

I used Anki heavily last year, mainly the Cloze function. When reviewing those cards today, I can see the question (the text) but also the answer on the back once clicking ‘Show answer’.

However, when making new flash cards now, the question does not appear- it is a blank white screen. But when I click ‘Show answer’, I see the answer. Why is the question not appearing?

I have restarted Anki but also my desktop (Windows) several times. I have disabled the Add-ons and restarted but it is still not working.

^As you can see, only the answer appears.

How can I fix this bug please?

Could you please provide a screenshot of your card template, especially the “Front” part of it?


On the other hand, the flashcards from a couple months ago does show the question:

The issue wasn’t what thought it was. By default, the “Back Extra” field is not made for “clozes”, but rather for additional information. You need to put the “cloze” into the “Text” field instead.

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