When I hit edit, I then see the same set of cards I just saw

While reviewing cards in a deck, I see note A, note B, note C. I hit 'good or similar. Cards D-Z are not yet seen.

I notice an issue in note C and hit edit.

When I hit save, then cancel to return to the review session, I then see notes A, B and C again.

Expected after editing, the set of cards presented should be the same as the set I would have got if I hadn’t edited. (Note: it is certainly useful to see the card I just edited, one time, as well)

Actual: I see cards I just saw. Again.

Are the A and B cards learning cards or review cards? If they were learning cards I could understand that behavior as you might have edited longer than the next learning steps of A and B are, so they are just due again.

Yes, if you pressed Again on them they will have been delayed for a minute by default, meaning they’re likely to be ready to see again by the time you’re done editing. If you had tapped on a button scheduling them for a day or more in the future and they appeared again, that would be strange. But you appear to be using cloze cards, so one other possibility is that you’re actually seeing a difference cloze when you return, instead of the card you previously answered. If you don’t want that, you can enable burying in the deck options.