What's the add-on that ignores the reward (increased interval) after pressing good on overdue cards?

I missed my reviews for more than a month and I’m trying to catchup, but when I press good on the overdue cards they’re getting sent very far into the future than normal based on the amount of repetitions I have done on the cards so far. I think I saw an add-on that ignores the interval reward on overdue cards(i.e. set the date for the next review to the date it would be if I got it right without missing a review) , but I can’t seem to remember the name.

Any other solutions to this problem are welcome. Thanks

You can press Hard if you don’t want any bonus for late cards to be applied, or use the set due date action.

what would be the repercussion of setting a temporary max interval as I do the overdue cards(apart from increased review load in the short term)? Ideally, I want the next reviews to be in around 2-3 months (I just to make sure I see them again before an exam without decreasing the ease ). Hard button is around 2.5-2.7 months and good is around 5.5-5.9 months for most of the cards.

What I meant above is using set due date to make the cards due today, which should remove any late bonus if I recall correctly.

Setting a maximum interval is a reasonable alternative approach.

Yeah, I figured. The difference wasn’t that significant (about 7 days from my calculations). I realized I had rescheduled these cards before, so they were originally due about two months ago and I only had like 3 to 4 repetitions on them, I was also experimenting with using longer learning steps at that time, so they had longer intervals. But I didn’t feel confident enough in the material even though I could remember the facts on the cloze deletions, so I ended up just resetting the progress to start over.