What is the process of getting new clients approved for AnkiWeb sync?

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My name is Alexander Alemayhu. I am the main developer of 2anki.net. I want to build a new client to synchronize with AnkiWeb and I was wondering what is the process of getting a new client approved to access AnkiWeb? I have reviewed the terms of service a couple of times and there are currently 4 approved clients. Is there any documentation on how these clients got approved? I would love to add one more to that list in the near future (if it’s possible) :smiley:

I totally understand that buggy clients can cause you unnecessary user support cases and potentially add unnecessary load to the service, but AnkiConnect is really not a viable solution for my users. AnkiConnect is an add-on for the computer version. There are Anki users out there who have a mobile device as their primary computer device. I want to support them too.

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Alexander Alemayhu

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You can’t (at least, that has been the policy so far). The approved clients are all either official (Anki and AnkiMobile) or semi-official (AnkiDroid and AnkiUniversal) clients. Besides, they all share a common trait: they all are portages of Anki on a specific platform.

However, this shouldn’t look so grim to you: you can always rely on simply providing a deck, and the user can import that. Anki will import it in a “smart” way, in the sense that it will update already existing notes. If you are on a mobile device, it’s probably possible to make it so that when the user downloads a deck, Anki is automatically chosen as the application to “handle” that type of files, so it’s more or less as seamless as automatically syncing it to AnkiWeb. If you are on a computer, you can use Anki Connect.

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I’m afraid the service is only provided for the main Anki clients. I regret allowing AnkiUniversal - while they are open source, they haven’t kept up with recent updates, and don’t support media syncing, which causes user confusion.

It seems the best thing we can do for now is continue down the path of generating APKG files and importing them into official Anki clients to then synchronize.

I was not expecting anything to come out of this but thank you for taking the time to reply! In the unlikely case you do change your mind, please let me know.

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