What is "Match scope" when importing?

Match scope
Context importing-match-scope
Resource corecore/templates/importing.ftl

What is match scope here? What does it do? Could you please give some context for translation?

diff --git a/ftl/core/importing.ftl b/ftl/core/importing.ftl
index c0f158deb..99203d313 100644
--- a/ftl/core/importing.ftl
+++ b/ftl/core/importing.ftl
@@ -106,7 +106,9 @@ importing-update = Update
 importing-tag-all-notes = Tag all notes
 importing-tag-updated-notes = Tag updated notes
 importing-file = File
+# "Match scope: notetype / notetype and deck". Controls how duplicates are matched.
 importing-match-scope = Match scope
+# Used with the 'match scope' option
 importing-notetype-and-deck = Notetype and deck
 importing-cards-added =
     { $count ->

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