How to use Match Scopes when importing decks?

I am learning Japanese and for the easier card bulk adding into the decks I love to use importing function, but with current update a lot of stuff changed and I cannot find any explanation on the Anki Manual. If it would be possible I wish to get some explanations on how to use it.

This is very unusual interface in which I have a lot of difficulties to understand. I would be very glad if someone sent links to some videos or pictures if it would be possible, but its okay without it too.

I’ve added the following to the manual:

The ‘match scope’ setting controls how duplicates are identified. When
‘notetype’ is selected, Anki will identify a duplicate if another note
with the same notetype has the same first field. When set to ‘notetype and deck’,
a duplicate will only be flagged if the existing note also happens to be
in the deck you are importing into.

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Thank you very much!

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