Match scope - what is it?

From the manual:

The match scope setting controls how duplicates are identified. When ‘notetype’ is selected, Anki will identify a duplicate if another note with the same notetype has the same first field. When set to ‘notetype and deck’, a duplicate will only be flagged if the existing note also happens to be in the deck you are importing into.

I do not understand what that means. I am using “Update”. So there are no duplicates, the cards are to be matched based on the first field and updated. Do I just ignore this field?

That setting still tells Anki where to look for notes so that it can find the ones you want it to match and update.

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Ahhh. I suggest this explanation be used in the manual.

We can take a look at that, but I want to make sure I understand what you’re suggesting needs clarifying. Is it that the paragraph is using the word “duplicates” to mean identical matches (that you want to have updated, not duplicated)?

Yes, I believe so. The same term is used in anki, “duplicates”, when 2 Question fields are identical. In the context of cards. So one might think it is referring to that.

In this case, I am updating a single field and it is supposed to check the first field, according to the manual. I am not wanting to make duplicate cards.

It does not point out in the manual that it is looking for where to find matches, as you correctly explained. It also changes the language used, first saying “identify” a duplicate and in the next sentence “flagging” a duplicate which suggests different things are happening but actually they both refer to the same action.

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