Suggest adding "Notetype and tags" for Match scope when importing

Currently, there are only two matching methods, namely Notetype and Notetype and deck.

However, according to the official documentation, it is not highly recommended to use too many decks. In addition, the newly added FSRS feature also works on decks, which requires that there should not be too many decks.

Since the number of decks should be as few as possible, many notes may be added to the same deck. Therefore, the duplicate removal effect of the Notetype and deck option is not very good.

Now that we have multi-level tag functionality and can achieve fragmented input and structured output through multi-level tags, why don’t we continue to enhance the role of tags?

So I suggest adding “Notetype and tags” for Match scope when importing.

Supporting this would be complex, so I’m afraid it’s unlikely to happen.