What is interday and intraday learning?

from v3 scheduler page

Interday learning

Interday (1+ day) learning cards are now subject to the review limit. When determining what fits within the limit, Anki fetches interday learning cards first, then reviews, and finally new cards.

I have also see it mentioned on the forum, but i cant find what these cards are refering to


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Intraday learning cards are due later in the same day.


One last question about this

Does this mean if i have 10 review limit, i can reach that limit by failing the same card 10 times?

Intraday learning cards are not subject to the review limit.


I feel like im repeting my self here

What is interday learning then? the one mentioned in the v3 scheduler page?

Interday card: let’s say you have lerning steps 1m 10m 1h 6h 12h 24h and graduating interval 2 days. This card is in the learing stage more than one day. It is interday learning. First day, the card is not a subject to the review limit. Next day, it is.

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intra = Latin: “within, inside” (e.g. intranet = local network inside one institution)

inter = Latin: “between, across etc.” (e.g. internet = network spanning across institutions, internationally)


I use defaults, I had not considered that a card could be in learning longer than a day

Im spanish. Im pretty familiar with intra, inter and latin roots in general :wink:

I still couldnt find definitions or figure it out myself. Manual is sparse about it :sweat_smile:

Even with pavreh explanation i had to learn about learning steps and graduating interval to understand to what cards were this referring to

Ive been using anki for many many years now and never needed to touch those defaults :wink:

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