Learning step and day boundaries

Anki manual states that “cards that cross a day boundary are scheduled on a per-day basis like reviews are.” I put my first step as 1.5 days so if learn new cards in the evening, I would not get them the next morning, but instead the following day. However, I noticed if I learned new cards at around one o’clock in the afternoon, they would also get pushed till day after tomorrow. I didn’t want that, so I put it at 1.33 days. Even so, card done this evening is scheduled for tomorrow. Can anyone explain what is going on? Especially why in the latter case it did not get scheduled for the 15th? My day boundary is set at 4 hours after midnight, if that matters (or is the day boundary just midnight?).

Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 20.47.07

Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 20.46.50

It doesn’t work like that - any cards that cross a day boundary will appear at the start of the day they are scheduled for, just like review cards do. The sleep between reviews will likely do you more good than a particular number of hours, so I’d recommend you just set the delay to 1 day.

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Hmm, not sure I understand. In the latter case, the card was learned at 13th 20:39, so adding the interval of 1.33 days (32 hours) puts the scheduled time at 15th 04:39. So it should be scheduled for the 15th (start of day), no?

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The v1 scheduler added some randomness to 1+ day learning cards. Can you reproduce it using the v2 scheduler?

Haven’t touched the v2 scheduler, and a bit hesitant to start using it, since it resets learning cards I heard. I’m usually late to adopt betas, especially as I haven’t really looked into the differences, and currently have a system that works quite well.

I’ll see if I’ll test with another profile.