Waited 24 hours, expected I'd be able to study again

Same result on both the mobile and the desktop app
I studied a set yesterday.

If you are choosing Easy, that will delay the card for 4-5 days. If you go into the browse screen, you can see when cards are due.


For my initial experiment here, that’s a lethally slow rate. I guess if I had like 500 cards then it would be choosing some more cards for me daily, so I’d have something to do.

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When you’re starting out things can be a bit slow, but they will pick up as you add cards/study regularly. For a bit of background, please see Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions


You probably have a feeling for the minimum size deck to make good use of the software. Maybe about 100 or 500.
I wonder if there isn’t a way to embed this knowledge in the user interactions, like if the total cards among all the user’s decks is below threshold, a quiet display on the DECKS page saying “Anki recommends at least xxx cards in circulation in order to provide meaningful daily interaction”.

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Anki is designed to present cards to you as you’re about to forget them, and it can do that even if you only have a few cards, so there is not really a recommended minimum. While some sort of advice for new users is not a bad idea, messages based on card count would only work for people adding their own material, when the majority of users tend to start by downloading one or more shared decks.