Video hidden behind controls with new iOS

Since iOS update (at least I think it’s the reason), the short video in my card are shown with the video controls on top of them (play/forward/backward).

It’s very annoying because my videos as very short. So by the time I tap on them to mask the controls I’ve missed what I needed to see.

I use these videos to learn sign language. So one signe of my card has the written word, the other the signed word. So not being to see the sign makes it very hard to use the app.
I make my cards on my laptop, but review them on my phone.

Has anyone else faced this issue, and how did you solve it? Please tell me it’s possible!

I’ve looked in my settings (iPhone and app) but can’t find a way to not have the controls on top of the video.
So far I think the only way would be to remake the 1500 cards I have with video starting with nothing the first 3 seconds, so I have time to tap on the video. But honestly it’s not really possible…

Thank you for your help!

This is a change Apple made in iOS 16, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to prevent the controls from showing at the start. As a workaround, I added an option in AnkiMobile’s review preferences to disable the video controls a few versions back.

Thank you so so much!!! This is exactly what I needed.

I never looked in the review settings. Stupid of me. Thank you again!

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