Bug: iOS 16 video obscured by controls

On iOS 16, videos are grayed out and obscured by controls. You can click on the video but off the controls to hide them, but they reappear on the next card.

In the ASL basics deck the videos are only 2-4 seconds long so by the time you can clear the controls and get you finger out of the way, you’ve missed most of the video. The deck is nearly impossible to study.

There don’t seem to be any settings in Anki or the Settings app to fix this.

I can see how that would be quite annoying, but unfortunately Apple do not appear to provide a way to control the dimming or hide the controls from the start. A brief Google shows other people complaining about this behavior outside of AnkiMobile as well, so I am hoping that Apple will reconsider the behaviour in a point update.

Sadly this change in iOS is making it really difficult to review ASL decks :frowning: Perhaps there could be a setting to disable showing video controls? e.g. using AVPlayerViewController’s showsPlaybackControls property. It would be a huge improvement for ASL review to just not have any controls at all, and just repeat the video continuously, as if it were an animated GIF.

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That’s a reasonable workaround; I’ll look into adding it as an option.

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This will be in the next beta; please let me know if you’d like to try it.


I was pretty shocked when I open this and saw that asl deck. I was working on that as well, but i i wasn’t sure how standard some of the signs were. That was a while back though, maybe my sign just wasn’t good enough.