Video audio & image out of sync

Hi, lately I’ve encountered a bug where the video will start playing with no sound, then the image will freeze while the video’s audio starts playing, then the video will continue playing with the audio at a normal speed and the image sped up. I never had this issue until about 2 weeks ago and this only affects new videos I’ve just added.

I haven’t changed anything about the way I make video clips for my Anki cards, so that shouldn’t be the issue. The videos are fine before they get added to Anki - it’s after they’ve been added to the cards that this problem occurs.

I’m running version ⁨2.1.54 on a Mac Air. I’ve tried restarting my laptop, restarting Anki with all add-ons disabled, and checking database, but it hasn’t helped at all. Does anyone know what the issue might be? Thank you!