V3 Scheduler Query/Confusion

Hello there, I am struggling to get my head around how I can optimise v3 scheduler for how I want to review my new cards.

I have one deck for languages, divided into many subdecks for each language I study. When I review, I like to do a mixed review of my entire collection: a card in German could be followed by one in Arabic, followed by one in French.

In each subdeck I have different needs in terms of the order in which I receive new cards. In German I want the newest-added new cards to come up first. In Arabic, I want the oldest.

Is it right that in v3 it’s not possible to do this, because the display order for the main deck overrides that for all subdecks? What would be a suggested workaround? Any help gratefully received.

You can study each language separately (first all your German cards, then all your Arabic ones…), or, if you prefer mixing different languages on your study, you can manually reposition cards in the different subdesks as you need.

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