Using Anki with school class - 429 error

Hi, I am a teacher, and as I am in a computing room this year I have asked for Anki to be installed so students can start lessons by reviewing cards for their subjects whilst they settle.

Last term this was working fine - all students were able to login and access the installed version of Anki fine. However, since Christmas, after about 15 - 20 have logged into sync, the rest get 429 errors (too many requests). I need them to be able to login so they can update their decks (I am making them centrally and sharing via Anki decks to ensure the quality and accuracy of the cards).

Does anyone have any idea why this will have changed? My understanding is it is a server side error, so is unlikely to be something that has changed in terms of IT at our school. Is there anyone to contact to ask if my school’s IP can be allowed an increase number of requests, or any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help!

If it happens again, please Google whatsmyip on one of the affected computers, and then post the IP address in a private message or on so I can look up what’s going on.

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