Anki Web Too many Requests Error 429

Hi I tried to upload a Anki Deck on Web. It couldn’t finish the process (just stopped loading) and I closed the tab.
Now everything I want to open Anki Web it’s not loading and gives me Error 429 „“too many requests“.
Also when I want to Snyc on another device It says Error „“only client at a time can sync“ and it tells me to try again after a couple of minutes but nothing is changing. Any advise?

Hi I just tried to upload a Deck on Anki Web but the process wouldn’t finish and the side stopped loading even though my internet is working fine. I closed the tab and now I I can’t even open the Anki web page it just won’t load and if I’m trying to sync my decks on the Anki app or on my desktop it’s giving me an error that only one client at a time can sync. Anybody hat a similar problem before?

If the connection is interrupted for some reason, it may take a few minutes until it is cleaned up and you can sync again. Did the issues resolve themselves?

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Yes the problem resolved on its own after 2 hours :+1:t3:

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