Users are now sending blank reviews (don't know if this is intentional desisgn)

When a user clicks the “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down”, he is asked to give a reason. This is how Anki users write reviews for Anki decks and addons.

The “reason” shows up on the deck page like this:

But now this seems no longer necessary, as users can just send a thumbs up or down without writing anything:

As someone with ~55 decks shared and over ~1400 user reviews across all my decks, I think this looks soulless:

Just below these empty reviews, this looks way nicer:

So my suggestion is:

  • Go back to making it mandatory to write a “reason” for your thumbs up or thumbs down.

Or, alternate solutions:

  • Make those “empty” user ratings cound for the total number of thumbs ups and thumbs down… but make them hidden by default, only if the user wrote a “reason” then the thumbs up is shown in the “user ratings” section of the page.

Another solution, which I dislike, but still better than no-text user ratings:

  • Make the text box with a default text: the words “Good” or “Bad” whether the user intends to give a thumbs up or down.

Maybe I did not elaborate enough on what is the problem exactly, so here it goes:
If people are not obligued to write a “reason” for their thumbs up or thumbs down, from this point onwards, it will be long and long empty rows of no-text user ratings, drowning out the user reviews of people who took the effort to write about what is good and what is bad about a certain deck/addon. This is why I’m proposing those solutions.

Thank you for the report; this was an unintended regression.

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