User account recovery

I purchased the Onki app via my iPhone today. It auto logged me in via my “goggle account.” I’m trying to figure out my account email and password to do a “synch” with my iPad, but my google email and password is not working. How do I figure out my user id that I am actively using on my IPhone app as well as the password?

Automatically being logged in via Google? Are you sure you purchased Anki or some copycat app?

Yes, I did verify I’m using the correct app. My app is running fine on my iphone but nowhere in the app can I find my username to sync it with my iPad. Where can I see what name I’m logged in under while the system is operating?

Cogwheel icon top right → Syncing

Assuming you are asking about AnkiMobile, please see this intro video for how to create an account and setup syncing: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

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