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How do I reset my password?

How do I reset my password?

hello, use “reset password” on Account Login - AnkiWeb
have a good day


Hello Antonio,

Can you send me my account information?
Sorry, but the site can’t find my account.
I bought via the Applestore the App for iPad at 24,99€ on 11/8/2021


Is not in my power to check accounts, we will need @dae to see, but could you try again with your account that you use to create the login of AnkiWeb?

AnkiWeb is a free and optional service. If you’d like to start using it, please start by signing up for an account, as shown in this intro video:Cloud Sync - AnkiMobile Manual

Hi Damien

Can you send me my account information?
Sorry, but the site can’t find my account.
I bought via the Applestore the App for iPad at 24,99€ on 11/8/2021

Robert De Lille

Did you ever create an AnkiWeb account? It is unclear which information you’re asking for.

Purchasing the app doesn’t create an account, you can do that manually here: Account Register - AnkiWeb

Hi Matthias

Great, it finally works!

Maybe a minimum of basic information well highlighted would be useful for non-geek users



How can I make the sounds recorded in the App on my iPad also available in the Ankiweb program on my MacBook?

Robert De Lille

First you must sync your collection in your iPad:

Then you should see your cards on Ankiweb:

(you must log in first)

In a few days, when you are familiarized with how the program works, you could consider to install Anki Desktop on your computer, which has a lot more features (but its also more complex) than ankiweb.
You can download it from here:



Recently (iOS15?) it is no longer possible to record the pronunciation of a word with the pronunciation of DeepL

And when I use the pronunciation that is not in the frame of DeepL, but the one under the frame, Anki crashes.

What should I do?

Recording a pronunciation is an absolute necessity for a language as badly spelled as English

The record feature is intended for your own voice. If you were able to record audio from a webpage in the past, my guess is that Apple have decided that should not happen, and changed the behaviour in the latest iOS.

While you may not be able to use that webpage in this way anymore, one alternative you could use is the built-in iOS text to speech support: Text to Speech - AnkiMobile Manual

This approach is probably technically necessary for applications that need to execute voice commands from the user.

But it is not valid for recording voices, sounds (bird or siren whistles) or music that are very specific and different from the user.

When studying a language, it is the correct pronunciation that is essential, and therefore that of a native speaker. Not the pronunciation by the user, which is inevitably incorrect.

How can I record not my own voice but the correct pronunciation of a word spoken by a native speaker? Pronounced for example by a native speaker on DeepL.

I could also make a file to recognize bird whistles.

It seems to me technically much easier to record any sound than to record only the sounds coming from the voice of a specific person. And the possibilities of creating a review file are much wider.

Sorry, I was not clear. By “your own voice”, I mean audio coming from the microphone built in to your device. You appear to be trying to record audio that is being output by another application, which is not what the recording feature was intended for, and Apple have likely made changes to prevent this from happening. I’m afraid you’ll either need to use the TTS option I suggested, find a way to download audio files (which you can then copy & paste into AnkiMobile), or will need to do this with a computer instead.