Use TTS locally to convert text to sound?

I have bought and installed TTS voices for English. I would like to use them to teach my kids pronunciation.
Now I wonder if there is something like Awsome TTS that locally installed voices can be used with? To my knowledge Awsome TTS uses voices in the cloud that you have to rent per month and can not be used with voices locally.

Some technical stuff:
The voices I have is SAPI5 voices for windows.
I have balabolka installed which can be accessed with a command line utility that takes a word or sentence as argument and retruns the sound file for the word or sentence.
All this is installed in wine on a manjaro-linux machine. I think if it can be done in windows it might be possible in linux as well. so if you have a solution for windows do not hesitate to post it.

No idea about Wine, but on Windows you should be able to use SAPI5 voices with the built-in TTS support.