Custom tts voice in windows 10 for anki?

hello guys, how can i use custom tts voice in windows 10 for anki ? the inbuilt sounds microsoft provides are not upto par.

Use an addon like AwesomeTTS.


Any free alternative brother ?

AwesomeTTS and HyperTTS (which I recommend over its cousin) are free for certain TTS services. Are you looking for a language not covered by one of the free services?


i want uk english tts voice, i am using tts by putting text like this {{tts en_GB something something :Front}}, how use your recommended options for free? I thought those were paid services

Check out the other available voices, maybe they are better.

To see a list of all available languages/voices, place the following on your card template:


i tried but all the microsoft vocies are not upto par, they sound awkward, and i have installed hypertts and the voices it showed did not work, showed some kind of error, asking to add realtime audio or somthing, is there any other addon to use custom tts voices in anki ?

There is also such an addon.

Thank you for the suggestion but I had already tried it, when add GB voice instead of US it is playing same Microsoft voice.

Did you do it like that?
{{tts en_US voices=gTTS:Front}}

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You can simply create your free Azure or Google Cloud API key and use the addon for free.

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Yeah same as mentioned, I think I can accept it, thank you for your responses

You should follow the tutorial. There are several free services.