Use AnkiMobile in background while screen is off

I love Anki so much, I have purchased the app for many friends.

I have some decks which are audio only, and I’m trying ways to make my screen be always on, when I go for a walk, and use my bluetooth remote to reply. I have to put my phone in my pocket with the screen facing out - at risk of bumping into something, and smashing the screen.

CoreBluetooth should allow you to stay connected while the screen is off.

Therefore, the feature I miss from AnkiMobile, is being able to do reviews with the screen off. With this feature, I’ll go for hour long hikes, and study at the same time.

Please let me know if I can assist in this, or put up a feature bounty.


I can offer you a partial workaround for now: you can use Accessibility>Guided Access. It will allow you to activate it with a triple click, and can keep the screen on, and prevent taps from being registered. You would need to pair it with a small bluetooth controller like an 8bitdo zero if you wanted to interact though.


Great idea! Thank you!

And thank you for working on Anki! You changed my life for the better - I know so many things I’d struggle with otherwise