Airpods with voice control (not Siri) and Anki


I have been using Anki for a while with voice control (not Siri) on the phone, and it works great, allowing me to do my daily reviews hands-free while doing something else simultaneously.

However, the phone screen needs to be always on and I have been unable to use that option through the Airpods (they just seem to be set up to respond to “hey Siri” and voice control commands do not work at all, so I need to have the phone open near me so that the mic can hear my voice).

Anyone has any idea how to do it right?

As far as I’m aware, iOS requires the screen to be on to interact with normal apps (things like music players get a special exception to run in the background).

I had imagined the screen part would not be possible. However, I still don’t get why normal voice control commands can’t work through the Airpods, it would open lots of possibilities to run App with your voice.

I’m not sure iOS allows that. Does it work in other apps?

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