Headset as remote/game pad

Probably its to complicated to do and few would use.

It would be fantastic to be able to control reviews from Bluetooth headset buttons. 1 button/tap/swipe for answer Good and 1 for bad.

I know there is a game pad option but that is an another device to hold in hand. Idea is to have Anki mobile started and having iPhone in a range of sight and review just with headset.

What about voice control then? The accessibility and automation features of iOS help:
How to make Anki feel more engaging? : Anki (-> answers)

Voice control can’t substitute the function when there are other people around. I intend to repeat when playing with kids and in such situation I don’t want to have phone or pad in hand. Headset buttons for good/bad answer would be very subtle

Yes, I’m afraid this seems a bit niche, and I’m not sure it’s even possible on iOS. I’d recommend you pick up a tiny controller like Zero 2 8BitDo if you’d like to be relatively inconspicuous.

Yeah, I might end up with little game pad but that is substitution of the solution I would like to have.

But I think many people would use such solution. It could be connected with auto advance and tts read out of question- then hand free, screen free you would review cards. While running, driving (without loosing distraction looking at screen), commuting. It’s one of the upgrades you never knew you needed :wink: