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Volume Button shortcuts


Damien, thank you so much for AnkiMobile, it is amazing!

Would love to request a simple feature: to be able to assign volume buttons as shortcuts during reviews, similar to swipes and corner presses. Ankidroid has this and people love it. It would be awesome to have this on AnkiMobile too! :blush:

This would enable us to do Anki without looking at the screen, for example while walking, when there is audio on both sides of the cards. I know you are busy, so I understand if we are unable to get this feature. I think it would make many of us very happy if you could add this, especially if it is low effort :slight_smile:

Either way, Anki and AnkiMobile are my favorite apps!

Many thanks,


I don’t think this is possible with iOS apps unfortunately. Apple does not allow customization of the volume buttons.

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