Can we update Anki iOS to focus in reviewer?

@dae any chance we can update the iOS version so that it focuses in reviewer? At the moment I have to tap something on the note and then I can use a keyboard shortcut to trigger JavaScript (i.e. I have JavaScript on my note type that allows me to use “h” to reveal hints and would love to use it the same way we do on desktop). I’ve recently been using the iPad app more often and I had someone email me today asking the same thing and figured I’d bring it up here

Could you provide me with a 1 card apkg to easily test with?

This note type has a few shortcuts - n for revealing the IO occlusions one at a time, , for revealing all of them at once and h for revealing the button hints

I have been searching for a solution for this for months. On desktop it works fine, but for example iPad with magic keyboard I either have to tap on the screen to kinda “activate” the function, or I have to use the trackpad first and click so I can trigger the actions. Same problem here.

Please let me know how you go when the next beta comes out.

Can you ping me here when you’ve released it?

You should have gotten a TestFlight notification? It’s available now in any case.

Seems to be working well now! Thanks!

Any chance you’ll allow for custom shortcuts or at least jkl; for the answer responses?

Custom shortcuts are on the todo list

solved my problem too, thanks!
has using the Βeta version of Anki mobile any possible side effect on desktop? Or is the biggest risk just that there occur problem on mobile, but the database is untouched?