Hint Hotkey for Anki iOS (gamepad)?

When can we expect the update to iOS Anki app to support a hint hotkey button specifically during use with a gamepad controller (8BitDo micro)? I often use the hint button to toggle mask in image occlusion card to uncover all and study it. It is possible on macOS Anki with G or H shortcut but non for mobile:(


It’s possible via the “User Action” action, but requires the card template to support it. AnKing’s notetypes support this as far as I’m aware, so you could copy the relevant code from there.

User Actions is mentioned at the bottom of Study Tools - AnkiMobile Manual

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Thank you! :pray: I’m quite new to Anki and add ons, my cards are
|Card Type|IO Card|
|Note Type|Image Occlusion Enhanced|
from ankiweb net /1374772155

Would you happen to know if this type supports it and how to implement it? I would be grateful!

For IO Enhanced cards, try copying this script to your back template:


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