Anki mobile accessibility for the fully blind

Hello. I am trying to decide on weather or not to download Anki mobile for my phone, in order to assist me with learning another language.
However, I am worried that it might not be accessible due to the fact that I am totally without sight.
Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on this.


That’s a great question. My comments will be based on my experience with Anki Droid. Full disclosure: I am not blind.

With the correct settings, I believe you can configure Anki Droid for a fairly accessible experience.

Audio can be generated ahead of time on desktop before syncing your cards to Anki Droid with the Awesome TTS add-on. Anki Droid can also do text-to-speech on the fly. I would recommend getting a blue tooth controller to go through reviews. Or you can configure Anki Droid to allow controlling it with gestures like swiping left, right, up, down, shaking, etc. rather than pressing specific areas on the screen. Gestures might be easier because it won’t require any additional configuration with a 3rd party app, which is necessary to map buttons from the bluetooth controller to the correct key strokes.

If you have an iPhone I am more than willing to help you get set up! It is 100% worth it!

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Yeah, I do have an Iphone. Setting up audio on desktop might be a bit of a problem, though. I played around with Anci on desktop, and didn’t run very well, or at all, really.
If you could assist, that would be very nice. If it can be made accessible, I’l download it, then. Although, I don’t suppose anyone knows how to set it up, so you can read say, you grab some stuff off Google translate, and get it to read it in the way it’s supposed to be read, not have the voice, or what ever, messit it all up.

I’m afraid I can not really recommend this at the moment:

  • There are certain operations that can only be performed on the computer version, and I believe the computer version does not work very well in a screen reader.
  • While the majority of AnkiMobile’s interface is probably accessible using the iOS accessibility features, no testing has been done to see if the interface is usable without sight.