Have there been improvements made on Anki accessibility?

I am a blind iPhone user interested in using Anki. I use the screen reader voiceover. I have seen a post on here and applevis noting inaccessible aspects of both the web and mobile app. Before taking the plunge to buy the app, I want to know if any accessibility updates have been made to improve how well screen reader users are able to navigate the app.
While I am predominantly interested in the mobile app, if anyone has any feedback on how accessible (or not) Anki is using voiceover on Mac, I would be interested in that information as well.

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I’m afraid I can not recommend it at this time, as there are a number of issues with accessibility that I’m not sure how to resolve. For basic cards, you may find you have more success with ankiweb.net, as that’s browser-based and your screen reader may work better with it.