Screenreader accessibility: so close but no cigar

I just took a screenreader through the Anki Desktop client in order to see if it’s viable for use by screenreader users. I’d say that it currently is not, but it’s not far off from the mark of at least being usable, if not pleasurable to use.

  • On the top toolbar (that’s the programmatic name for It) the “decks” " browse", " stats" etc buttons cannot be reached with the tab key, but using a screen reader’s more advanced navigation abilities can solve this up to a point, and these buttons have shortcut keys so this isn’t a huge deal.
  • The card contents , when studying, seems to be showing up in a sort of web view which a screen reader cannot currently access easily. This means several keystrokes are required to look at what the current card is, which takes time and probably makes studying with Anki more of a chore than it needs to be.
  • When creating cards, the actual editor of the front and back sides of a card are considered " unknown" by screenreaders where their control type is concerned, which means screenreader users cannot easily get feedback on what they are typing within these editors.

These, and similar, issues should actually be trivial to fix by someone who knows how QT works at anything higher than a basic level, which unfortunately excludes myself as I barely know how it works and don’t really have the time to learn. I’d appreciate it if someone could see if this experience can be improved so screenreader users aren’t excluded entirely from what is a de facto studying tool for many purposes.

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