Urgent: Scheduling for answered cards is totally bugged

Hello friends,

I have a problem with the time periods Anki suggests me for cards that are the one in the “repeat”.

All the cards that I have already answered once correctly, since yesterday, are moved to the resubmission with a much too high time interval in the future.


  • First day: Card A → Card is marked as “correct” but not “easy”.
  • Second day: Card A → Could be answered correctly again, but then the card would suddenly be shifted by 25 days.

Similar thing happens with cards that I have already answered more often.

I looked at the card info as an example, but again I only see the intervals 1min, 10min, 1 day for the cards and then 25 days would come.

My settings in the stack I have reset to default, restarted the program, started without add-ons (shift held down). Additionally, the problem occurs on my Windows desktop, my MacBook and my iPad.

Desktop Version: Version 2.1.43 (0fbae6bc)

Screenshot Explanation:
1 & 2- Top stack settings.
3 - Example
4 - Info about the card from 4
5 - Info about the card from 4 after further answer.

I really need help because I have an exam next week and this problem is driving me crazy.

Update: My problem only seems to be getting worse. I just looked again to see if the problem has fixed itself, but instead the cards are now delayed by 27 days. Meanwhile, I have also tried the web version of Anki and even there the error occurs.

Thanks a lot your help



That’s the expected behaviour and nothing to worry about: Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions
If you want to practise more, even though you can already remember the cards, you can use a filtered deck.


Oh, Im feeling stupid now.
Thank you :pray:t3:
Strange tho I never noticed that before.