URGENT: anki sync is not most recent progress

Hi, I have an issue with my laptop so I can’t use anki on it anymore. I’ve been using it for the last month and have changed many premade deck cards.

When I logged into another computer with my anki information, it synced from the app on my phone which does not have my most recent anki changes/progress. (It’s backed up from about 3 weeks ago and shows no anki streak) Is there any way I can get a more recent sync? Does anyone know where I can get the backup for the cards I just did these last few weeks?

(I just recently synced my damaged computer’s anki about a week ago too)

I’m afraid it appears that your laptop has not sent any changes to AnkiWeb since the 2nd. If you can still access the laptop’s hard drive, you may be able to copy more recent data files over to the other computer.


You can’t see the most recent update I did with my computer about a week ago?

I’m afraid not - there appear to have been no changes since the 2nd.

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