Lost progress over computer transfer

I have had Anki actively syncing every time I closed the application for a few months now. My laptop broke yesterday and when I tried to log into my account on a new computer it showed me a version from months ago. I tried downloading a different backup but the only options are from yesterday and today. If it makes a difference I also logged into my AnkiHub account and it didn’t help. Please help I lost months worth of over 5000 card progress!

Hi, by default, Anki periodically backs up your collection. Is your hard drive from the broken laptop still working? If yes, you could try connecting your drive via USB and navigating to the Anki profile directory (e.g., for Linux, it is ~/.local/share/Anki2/PROFILE_NAME/backups/).

In this directory, you will find many copies of your collection. There’s a good chance you’ll recover what you need.


If logging into Anki on AnkiWeb doesn’t display your current collection, you probably performed a one-way sync on the new computer and pushed instead of downloading from AnkiWeb.

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The laptop isn’t turning on and wasn’t working when I tried to connect to an external desktop. It was syncing every day, is there anywhere in my account that I can access additional backups?

Just to make sure, did you sign in with the same account you had on your laptop? Did you get a one-way sync warning when you synced for the first time I the computer?

If you can’t access a local backup, @dae will need to take a look at your Ankiweb account and see if there is a backup he can restore for you.

Yes, I signed into the same account that I had on my laptop and did see the sync warning. The backup displayed to me shows I haven’t reviewed a card since the beginning of October so it seems like it is just an old version of what I had. I would really appreciate it if someone could look at my account. Thank you for your help!

You appear to have stopped syncing on Oct 17, so any changes you made after that point will not be recoverable unless you still have them on one of your devices.

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