Upgraded to anki 2.1.30 is not working

Updated Anki from 2.1.15 to 2.1.30 in my macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and nothing works now. Cannot launch new version.
UPDATE: I was able to access an earlier backup.I deleted TagSelectorV2 and now the upgrade works.:slight_smile:


start anki while holding down shift key and then disable TagSelectorV2
2.1.30 seems to be causing problems for lots of add-ons :confused:

also about the second error, you probably downgraded to an earlier version without pressing Downgrade & Quit on the newer one?

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Claudia, I think you opened the old version of Anki again, after the add-on was updated to a version that is intended to be used on newer Anki versions. If you make sure to open the latest Anki, I think the add-on will likely work.

Thank you mmdj2. Oh I did not hold the shift key.
Yes. I also had to delete the close hide close all add-on

OK thank you. I had to deleted for the new version. Maybe I will just added again?

If you’ve deleted the old version, you should no longer get that error message when starting the new version.

Hello dee. It was working last time I opened a back up version, deleted the add on and was able to upgrade to the new version. Now I got an error again in the new 2.1.30


hello mmdj2,

As i just mentioned in this tread. I tried open anki again today and get an error.
(I thought I had solve the issue- backed up to earlier version- deleted TagSelectorv2- installed new version and it worked that day- selected download from anki web).
Today I started anki and gave me this error:


The old anki version?

the previous version that you had installed might not be 2.1.26
you can try installing the latest version or latest beta version and try those steps