Updating / Synchronizing Card Deck for Multiple Users


I am preparing a card deck for my familiy.

What is the best way for sharing/synchronizing when I constantly add cards to the deck and each of the family members can use the deck without interfering with the schedule of repeating from any other family member?

When we use one Account synchronizing will be easy but can we all have our own algorithm for repeating the cards?

If every family member has his own account how can synchronizing be made easy to constantly add new cards to all accounts without mixing up or having duplicates?

How can I avoid extending extra work such as checking consistency of correct Synchronisation manually for each account / preparing und updating the same card deck for each family member seperatly thus multiple times?

Thanks a lot!

I have the same problem

I write and modified my main deck. My wife is working on copy of this deck, but he have separate data about learning. I change main deck (append new words) and I want copy my change to wife’s deck.
I temporarily resolved this problem as follows:

  • I export my deck to file “MyDeck.apkg” without option: “Include scheduling information”
  • I import this file “MyDeck.apkg” to my wife,s deck.
    Now wife,s deck has my changes,but has her data about learning (no change).

Does anyone know a better solution?
Best regards Mark