Update/(Re-)Installation Problem “Error opening file for writing anki-console.bat”

When I tried to open Anki this morning, I was prompted to update the software.
I downloaded the latest version. When I started to run the installation, it prompted me to uninstall the old version, so I did that first. Then I tried to run the installation program again.

I got the error message: “Error opening file for writing anki-console.bat”

I tried rebooting my computer and get the same message. (This was a suggestion for the error on a different forum post and seemingly helped the user because they didn’t reply.)

I searched these forums for solutions and have:
*verified that I have Administrator privileges and I do (It’s a personal laptop)
*Tried changing the folder where it’s saved (My original location was in the “App Data” folder. Another user was trying to download into a different folder and was getting this error. That user was able to fix after selecting the App Data folder. So I tried a few different folders, but that didn’t work. And I went back to the App Data folder and it still didn’t work.

Any thoughts?

Maybe manually deleting Anki’s installation folder before installing the new one can help?

If no folders work, that seems to imply it’s something like antivirus software causing the problem, or all of the folders you tried don’t have permissions that allow you to write to them.

Thanks for the suggestions, y’all.
What I ended up doing was re-setting windows on my computer. shrug
Just adding the solution for anyone who comes along with the same problem…

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