Unwanted hyperlinks in a card

I use Anki to review new words/expressions and whatnot, and I’ve noticed that every time I add a new card to any deck, the phrases/sentences I paste into front and back fields get hyperlinked.anki

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anki keeps text formatting (hyperlinks included) and when you copy a text that has hyperlinks in it, anki keep those links too.
here you manually remove formatting by selecting all of the text in anki and pressing “Ctrl+R”
or you can enable an option in preferences which automatically removes formatting as you paste text: “Tools -> Preferences” and enable “Paste without shift key strips formatting”


In 2.1.22, Ctrl-R doesn’t remove links.


If the links are not from what you actually copied, the links may be added by an add-on.


to paste text into Anki:

ctrl+V: keeps formating.
shift+ctrl+V: strips formating.


Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot!

This behaviour seems to have changed in the latest version. I didn’t use to have to use shift-ctrl-v to remove formatting; it was removed automatically. It would be great if there were an option to control the pasting of formatting information, as there used to be several versions ago.

There is a setting in the preferences screen.