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Unable to signout of desktop anki

in Fall of 2020, I downloaded anki on my laptop. I cannot recall the email and password i used. I created a few cards, and then gave up using it. Today i created another account with a new email and password. The forum says if i am signed in, using the network page, I can deauthorize the previously installed Anki. The network page on my laptop does not have a deauthorize option. I want to signin with the account i created today, and have my desktop (PC) , laptop (PC) and Apple phone and ipads sync’d. How do i do this?
I also switched profiles, using the tool button, created a new profile, deleted the old profile on the laptop, no to avail.
having done all of this, when i still turn the laptop on, the old Anki opens up, and i don’t see a place to signout inorder to sign in to the new account. please help.
My PC is up to date with all the MS updates.


If you see no log out / deauthorize button, you’re already logged out. Clicking on the sync icon in the main window will prompt you for a username and password, and remember it if the login is successful.