Unable to link account to desktop version

I have been trying to get my account to sync so I can continue studying on the go with my phone or my work computer. Every time I get the error unexpected eof during handshake and i’ve tried with and without clash (what I have set up for my vpn service) and also tried restarting my computer. I tried turning my firewall off as well to no luck.

Have you followed the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions?

yes i’ve already tried all of that to no avail. i’d really like to figure it out so I can study whenever i’m out. it will make anki so much more useful especially as i get larger and larger decks

I tried posting in the ankiweb support site and no matter what I do it always shows my posts as private and no one reads them. I’ve been trying to sort out some issues with anki for ages now. I didn’t mark my post as private so I am not sure why its listed as private and I can’t change it to public.

The message you’re getting makes it sounds like you are running an old Anki version. You can confirm the version you’re running in the preferences screen. If you’ve confirmed you’re on 2.1.38, it is likely the VPN/firewall or antivirus on your machine that is causing problems.

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Sorry for the slow reply. I am running the most recent version. I had my VPN off and tried turning off the firewall as well. I don’t know what else I could do. Is there any way for me to migrate this account manually to another computer to try?

You can use File>Export/Import to move data between machines. My bet’s still on your VPN or similar software - maybe uninstalling it and rebooting is worth a try.

Does that include all the stats like when to review, order of deck, etc? do i use the anki collection package option?

This is something you could easily verify by trying it :slight_smile: